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Protection Bracelet

Protection Bracelet

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Combining Black Tourmaline, Tiger's Eye, and Hematite beads, this bracelet offers a blend of powerful metaphysical properties:

**Black Tourmaline** creates a shielding barrier around the wearer or space, warding off negative energies and promoting balance across all chakras. It is highly regarded for its ability to transmute negative energy into positive, making it an excellent choice for protection and spiritual grounding.

**Tiger's Eye** enhances luck, courage, confidence, and emotional stability. It supports detoxification by aiding in blood circulation and improving overall vitality. Tiger's Eye is also known for its grounding properties, helping to maintain a sense of centeredness amidst challenges.

**Hematite**, rich in iron, is valued for its protective and balancing qualities. In feng shui, Hematite is used to absorb negative energies and harmonize the environment. It is beneficial for grounding scattered energy, promoting mental clarity, and enhancing physical healing processes.


Handmade Item. Material: Crystal, Gemstone. Gemstone: Black Tourmaline, Tigers Eye, Hematite

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